Optics express

Biosensing using straight long-range surface plasmon waveguides.

PMID 23388963


Straight long-range surface plasmon waveguides are demonstrated as biosensors for the detection of cells, proteins and changes in the bulk refractive index of solutions. The sensors consist of 5 μm wide 22 nm thick Au stripes embedded in polymer (CYTOP™) with microfluidic channels etched into the top cladding. Bulk sensing is demonstrated by sequentially injecting six solutions of different refractive indices in 2 × 10(-3) RIU increments; such index steps were detected with a signal-to-noise ratio of ~1000. Selective capture of cells is demonstrated using Au waveguides functionalized with antibodies against blood group A, and red blood cells of group A and O in buffer as positive and negative analyte. Bovine serum albumin in buffer was used to demonstrate protein sensing. A monolayer of bovine serum albumin physisorbed on a carboxyl-terminated self-assembled monolayer on Au was detected with a signal-to-noise ratio of ~300. Overall, the biosensor demonstrated a good capability for detecting bulk changes in solution and for sensing analyte over a very wide range of mass (from cells to proteins). The biosensors are compact, inexpensive to fabricate, and may find use over a wide range of cost-sensitive sensing and detection applications.