On-line coupled capillary isotachophoresis-capillary zone electrophoresis in hydrodynamically closed separation system hyphenated with laser induced fluorescence detection.

PMID 23401242


An analytical method, based on a column coupling capillary ITP and CZE in a hydrodynamically closed separation mode hyphenated with the detection in the modular arrangement, was developed in this work. Analytical possibilities of this approach are demonstrated on the direct and ultrasensitive quantitative determination of quinine (QUI) in diluted real multicomponent ionic matrices (beverages, urine). The detection cell interface, with the rectangular arrangement of the optical channels inside, connected the separation capillary with the LIF detector via optical fibers in the on-column detection arrangement. ITP enabled the direct large volume (30 μL) injections of the diluted real matrices with an on-line sample pretreatment (preseparation, preconcentration) so that no external sample preparation (except for the dilution) was necessary for the separation of the analyte in the multicomponent ionic matrices. Due to the ITP sample preconcentration and intrinsic sensitivity of the LIF detection, very low concentration LOD (as low as 77 pg/mL), were reached at the same time. This was ca. two orders lower than the corresponding LOD achieved by the same 2D separation system with UV absorbance detection. Compared to the single column CE-LIF methods applied for this model analyte and matrix, this method was found to be superior in terms of concentration LOD, with acceptable selectivity and benefits of the on-line sample preparation. A food control and bioanalytical application clearly illustrates great practical possibilities and routine use of the proposed modular ITP-CZE-LIF technique.