Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Development of bi-metallic Fe-Bi nanocomposites: synthesis and characterization.

PMID 23421257


We investigate the formation of bi-metallic particles in the Fe-Bi system, well known as totally immiscible in the bulk, using a large combination of structural and element-sensitive techniques, well-adapted to the nanoscale. The synthesis approach makes use of the kinetics of decomposition of the different precursors to achieve a controlled sequential growth of the different elements. Different ligands have also been used in order to limit the size and ensure dispersion of the synthesized particles. Our results give evidence for the presence of body-centered cubic ferromagnetic iron nanograins together with larger bismuth crystallites. Interestingly, while the iron particles remain very small, the resistance to oxidation of the Fe-Bi nanocomposites highly depends on the stabilizing ligand used in the synthesis. The presence of both metals, Fe and Bi, in a single cluster has been clearly revealed in the oxidation resistant composite synthesized using the HMDS ligand.