Revue medicale de Liege

[Limited add-on value of oral glucose-lowering agents in type 1 diabetes].

PMID 23444823


Management of type 1 diabetes essentially relies upon intensive insulin therapy adjusted according to careful home blood glucose monitoring. The potential role of oral antidiabetic agents is controversial and what so ever is limited in type 1 diabetes. Nevertheless, metformin may still be useful in the presence of obesity and/or insulin resistance while acarbose could reduce the amplitude of glycaemic fluetuations, namely postprandial hyperglycaemia and late postmeal glycaemic nadir. Both drugs may also minimize weight gain that results from intensive insulin therapy. Finally, inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (glitpins), by inhibiting glucagon secretion, and inhibitors of renal SGLT2 cotransporters, thus promoting glucosuria independently of insulin, might also be beneficial in type 1 diabetes, although specific studies are still ongoing to verify this hypothesis.