Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Study of alteration of adrenergic receptor response by chronic use of lisinopril: an ACE inhibitor.

PMID 23455217


Unpredictable outcomes of life saving drugs have been seen in patients who receive different cardioselective drugs for longer periods. Many studies have been conducted to explore these responses. This study shows the down regulation of adrenergic receptors due to chronic use of lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor as a cause of poor response of adrenaline. Langendroff's technique was used. The data obtained from ten rabbits shows that effective dose of lisinopril (10mg/kg daily orally) reduces the inotropic and chronotropic effects of adrenaline significantly (P<0.05).Therefore it is suggested to use higher doses of adrenaline in cardiac units in patients who have used therapeutic doses of lisinopril for longer periods provided it is supported by clinical studies.