Environmental science and pollution research international

Investigation of preparation conditions and photocatalytic efficiency of nano ZnO using different polysaccharides.

PMID 23456947


The development of a complete set of extensive studies combining both the preparation factors of catalysts and photocatalytic experimental factors for the photodegradation of methylene blue, crystal violet, and Congo red using effective nano zinc oxide (ZnO) obtained from polysaccharides (chitosans, corn starch, and sodium alginate) as chelating agents was the main objective of this study. The influence of nature of polysaccharides, ratio of reactants, calcination temperatures during preparation process, and effects of photocatalytic experimental conditions on photodegradation was investigated. Corn starch and sodium alginate were found to be effective chelating agents and optimum preparation parameters were set as 3:3 % ratio of reactants and 450 °C calcination temperature to prepare nano ZnO with good photocatalytic activity. The order of organic dyes based on their photodegradation rates was arranged as crystal violet > methylene blue > Congo red. Our findings shed light on the optimization of both preparation conditions of photocatalysts and photocatalytic experimental conditions.