Gigiena i sanitariia

[To the problem of evaluation of public health: screening for gastroduodenal pathology on the example of atrophic gastritis in mass medical examination of the population].

PMID 23458008


Assessment of health status of the population - the most important issue in preventive medicine. The objective of this work - to determine the possibility of nonendoscopic screening for gastroduodenal pathology, by the example of atrophic gastritis, in mass medical examinations of working residents in Moscow. Minimally invasive diagnostic test system GastroPanel ("Biohit", Finland) has been used. It allows with the ELISA method to determine both serum indicators of the function of the stomach -pepsinogen 1, gastrin 17 and the presence of H. pylori infection. 758 persons have been examined. The performed study confirms the possibility with the use of a set of mentioned indicators to identify individuals suspected for the presence of gastroduodenal disorders, especially atrophic gastritis, recognized as a precancerous condition. The use in preventive medicine complex diagnostic system, firstly, will make assessment of the health of the population more correct, increase the effectiveness of preventive measures and quality of life, and secondly, will contribute to the diagnosis of diseases of the stomach and duodenum in the early stages.