Journal of environmental sciences (China)

Augmentation of tribenuron methyl removal from polluted soil with Bacillus sp. strain BS2 and indigenous earthworms.

PMID 23513692


Tribenuron methyl (TBM) is a member of the sulfonylurea herbicide family and is widely used worldwide. In this study, TBM-degrading bacteria were enriched with TBM as potential carbon, nitrogen or sulfur source, and 44 bacterial isolates were obtained. These isolates were phylogenetically diverse, and were grouped into 25 operational taxonomic units and 14 currently known genera. Three representatives, Bacillus sp. strain BS2, Microbacterium sp. strain BS3, and Cellulosimicrobium sp. strain BS11, were selected, and their growth and TBM removal from culture broth were investigated. In addition, indigenous earthworms were collected and applied to augment TBM degradation in lab-scale soil column experiments. Results demonstrated that Bacillus sp. strain BS2 and earthworms significantly increased TBM removal during soil column experiments.

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