Radiatsionnaia biologiia, radioecologiia

[The protective effect of autologous plasma against the development of oxidative stress in UV-irradiated lymphocytes of peripheral blood of donors].

PMID 23516891


The influence of UV-light (240-390 nm) at the dozes of 151 and 755 J/m2 on the intensity of processes of the lipid peroxidation, activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), succinate dehydrogenase (SDH), cytochrome c oxidase and the level of the energy supply of donors' blood lymphocytes in the absence and presence of autologous plasma was investigated. It was shown that during the incubation of native and UV-irradiated lymphocytes, autologous plasma reduces the intensity of lipid peroxidation, thus protecting cells from oxidative stress. As a result, the endocellular level of ATP is restored in UV-irradiated lymphocytes (during the daily incubation), which reflects the intensification of the adaptive ability of cells in the presence of autologous plasma.