The Journal of clinical pediatric dentistry

Clinical and radiographic outcomes of pulpotomized primary molars treated with white or gray mineral trioxide aggregate and ferric sulfate--long-term follow-up.

PMID 23534318


To compare the long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of pulpotomies in primary molars performed with white or gray Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) in combination with ferric sulfate (FS), when one package of MTA is used for multiple treatments. Sixty eight children with 86 vital carious primary molars underwent pulpotomy with FS, and grey or white MTA. One package of MTA was used for 7-8 treatments. Clinical and radiographic evaluation was performed before and 6 to 47 months after treatment. Success rates were similar for pulpotomies performed with white (60-teeth) and grey MTA (16 teeth) (p > 0.05), and for those performed with the addition of FS to white or gray MTA when one package of MTA was used for multiple pulpotomies compared to one package of MTA alone. Gray and white MTA in conjunction with FS induce comparable clinical and radiographic success rate. The use of one package of MTA for multiple pulpotomies, combined with FS, is a cost-effective treatment.

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