Carbohydrate polymers

A smart approach to add antibacterial functionality to cellulosic pigment prints.

PMID 23544581


This study was devoted to enhancing the antibacterial functionality of pigment printed cotton, linen and viscose fabrics. Ag-NP's/PVP colloid, triclosan derivatives, chitosan or choline chloride was successfully incorporated into the pigment paste followed by printing and microwave curing to impart antibacterial activity to the cellulosic prints. Results obtained demonstrate that the modified pigment prints exhibit a remarkable antibacterial activity against the G+ve (Staphylococcus aureus) and G-ve (Escherichia coli) bacteria with a noticeable durability after 20 washing cycles without adversely affecting the printing and softness properties. The extent of printability and functionality of the nominated substrates are significantly governed by the type of: bio-active ingredient, binder, pigment and substrate. TEM, SEM and EDX analysis confirmed the formation of Ag-NP's/PVP colloid, of particle size range 7-14 nm, deposition of cross-linked-binder film onto the modified pigment prints, and the existence of elementary Ag and Si loaded onto fabrics surface, respectively.