Archives of gynecology and obstetrics

The expression of BRCA1, P53, KAI1, and Nm23 in ovaries of BRCA1 mutation carriers after prophylactic adnexectomy.

PMID 23553196


High mortality rate, absence of reliable methods for early diagnosis and poor prognosis of advanced ovarian cancer prompted to investigate the role of prophylactic oophorectomy in BRCA1 mutation carriers as well as evaluate the expression of BRCA1, p53, Nm23, and KAI1 proteins in ovarian tissue from these patients. Ovaries from BRCA1 mutation carriers underwent prophylactic adnexectomy and control group of patients were operated from other than cancer reasons. The expression of selected proteins was studied using immunohistochemical staining. The intensity of immunostaining and the number of tumor cells showing the reaction for selected proteins were analyzed. We have analyzed ovarian tissues from 18 BRCA1 mutation carriers and 11 women included in control group. Positive expression of BRCA1 protein was presented in 83.3 % cases in BRCA1 mutation carriers and in 72.7 % in the control group (p > 0.05). Positive expression of p53 protein was observed, respectively, in 27.8 vs. 36.4 % (p > 0.05), Nm23 protein 77.7 vs. 90.9 % (p > 0.05), and KAI1 in 72.2 vs. 72.7 % (p > 0.05). Mean percent of tumor cells that showed the reaction for selected proteins as well as the intensity of immunostaining for all analyzed proteins seems to be lower in BRCA1 mutation carriers. However, any significant differences between study group and control group have not been found; there were similar trends showing reduced expression of studied proteins in BRCA1 mutation carriers.