Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces

Novel NaCS-CS-PPS microcapsules as a potential enzyme-triggered release carrier for highly-loading 5-ASA.

PMID 23640018


In order to develop novel spherical micro-drug-carriers, an orifice-polymerization method was used to prepare spherical microcapsules which were composed of chemically crosslinked chitosan (CS) with sodium cellulose sulfate (NaCS) and sodium polyphosphate (PPS). 5-Aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) was chosen as a model drug. The microcapsules prepared had an average diameter of 1.90 mm with loading efficiency of 60.77% and encapsulation efficiency of 90.03%. SEM results showed that the microcapsules had a double-walled capsule structure with an outer wall thickness of approximately 4.40 μm and inner wall (shell) thickness of approximately 187.14 μm. SEM transection images of the microcapsules showed that 5-ASA entrapped in the microcapsule was in a crystal form. The results of in vitro swelling/erosion and release analysis showed that the drug was preferentially and completely released in simulated colonic fluid (SCF, pH 6.4) under the mechanism of Anomalous transport. All these results indicate that the microcapsules could be a good candidate as an enzyme-triggered controlled release drug carrier.