Nepal Medical College journal : NMCJ

Vitamin D status among individuals attended in Health Home Care Centre, Lalitpur, Nepal.

PMID 23671952


There is widespread prevalence of vitamin D deficiency from new-born to infancy, childhood and adult male and female. Despite the numerous reports of the association of vitamin D with spectrum of development, disease treatment and health maintenance, vitamin D deficiency is common. There is limited information of the vitamin D status in Nepalese people. Based on the information in relation to importance of Vitamin D, we proposed to see the level of vitamin D among the care seeker individuals attended in this Health Home Care Centre, Nepal. Within three months interval (March to May 2012), whole blood test was done by 148 individuals. Among them vitamin D3 test was recommended for 50 individuals done by doctor on the basis of relevant health problems in relation to vitamin D deficiency. Analysis was done with SPSS package 17 version to see the relation between Vitamin D deficiency and other health related tests. The study found significant association between vitamin D deficiency with calcium level and hemoglobin level. There are presences of studies with evidences regarding relation of vitamin D with different health outcomes in different parts of the world. The widespread deficiency of vitamin D merits consideration of widespread policies including increasing the awareness among the public and health care professionals. In addition the study results highlight the need for additional high quality studies in Nepal in order to prevent the impacts of vitamin D deficiency and also to plan for prevention of vitamin D deficiency.