Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine : 1994)

[Disturbances of oxygen-dependent processes in periodontal tissues under prolonged immobilization stress and ways of their pharmacological correction].

PMID 23713346


Influence of prolonged immobilization (6 h strict horizontal position of rats in the tight containers daily for 2 weeks) on oxygen tension, oxygen consumption, pro-/antioxidant balance, and energetic metabolism of soft and hard periodontal tissues has been investigated. It was established that prolonged immobilization stress resulted in marked decrease in the gum tissue PO2 (36%) and in the bone tissue oxygen consumption rate (46%) compared to control. It was also determined that prolonged stress led to a reduction in the gum mitochondrial respiration rate. The latter was more expressed in case of the NAD-dependent substrate oxidation than of the FAD- dependent one. It was determined that the prolonged stress results in intensification of peroxide processes and depletion of antioxidant protection of soft tissues of periodontum. It was found that Thiotriazolin and Actovegin have modified and diminished stress-induced disorders in the soft and hard periodontal tissues oxygen homeostasis under prolonged immobilization stress.