American journal of dentistry

Shear resistance of fiber-reinforced composite and metal dentin pins.

PMID 23724548


To assess whether dentin pins increase shear resistance of extensive composite restorations and to compare performance of mini fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) anchors with metal dentin pins in the laboratory. 30 extracted sound molars were randomly divided into three groups. Occlusal surfaces were ground flat with a standard surface area and resin composite restorations were made in Group A. In Groups B and C similar restorations were made, with additionally four metal pins placed in Group B and four FRC pins in Group C. Specimens were statically loaded until failure occurred. Failure modes were characterized as intact remaining tooth substrate (adhesive or cohesive failure of restoration) or fractured remaining tooth substrate. Mean failure stresses were 6.5 MPa (SD 3.2 MPa) for Group A, 9.7 MPa (SD 2.6 MPa) for Group B and 9.2 MPa (SD 2.6 MPa) for Group C. Difference in mean failure stresses between Group A and Groups B and C was statistically significant (P = 0.01), while the difference between Groups B and C was not (P = 0.63). Failures of the restoration without fracture of tooth substrate were seen for 80% of specimens in Group A and 20% in Groups B and C (P = 0.04).