Surgical laparoscopy, endoscopy & percutaneous techniques

2 L PEG plus ascorbic acid versus 4 L PEG plus simethicon for colonoscopy preparation: a randomized single-blind clinical trial.

PMID 23751992


The 2 L polyethylene glycol (PEG) lavage solution has been proved to be similarly safe and effective as 4 L PEG formulations, in spite of the reduced volume. To compare low-volume PEG-based solution combined with ascorbic acid with high-volume PEG-based solution combined with simethicon in terms of efficacy and patient tolerability. This was a single-blind prospective randomized trial. Patients were randomized to receive either 2 L PEG plus ascorbic acid (PEG+Asc) or 4 L PEG plus simethicon (PEG+Sim). The primary endpoint was overall colon cleansing evaluation, assessed by blinded investigators using Aronchick score. Secondary end points included patient compliance and tolerability and adverse events. Sixty patients received PEG+Asc and 60 received PEG+Sim. Overall bowel cleansing score was considered adequate in 81.67% of the PEG+Asc and 80% of the PEG+Sim groups, respectively. Excellent and good ratings were recorded in 11.6% and 38.3% receiving PEG+Asc as compared with 26.6% and 23.3% of patients receiving PEG+Sim. Patient tolerability and safety were similar with both the preparations. According to our data, low-volume PEG+Asc has comparable efficacy, safety, and tolerability as high-volume PEG+Sim; therefore, it can be considered as a good alternative solution for bowel preparation. More improvements are necessary to achieve the target of a perfect preparation.

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