Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy

Experimental and theoretical investigations of nonlinear optical properties of 1,4-Diamino-9,10-Anthraquionone.

PMID 23770504


Nonlinear optical properties of 1,4-Diamino-9,10-Anthraquinone dye in solution at different concentrations are investigated by utilizing single beam Z-scan technique using a low power continuous wave laser (λ=532 nm). The anthraquinone dye is found to exhibit self-defocusing and reverse saturable absorption behavior. Effect of concentration on nonlinear refractive index and nonlinear absorption coefficient are also studied. The nonlinear absorption coefficient (β) and nonlinear refractive index (n2) have been evaluated from the open aperture and closed aperture Z-scan data and are found to increase with increase in concentration. The order of magnitude obtained for nonlinear refractive index and nonlinear absorption coefficient are found to be 10(-6) esu and 10(-4) m/W, respectively. The optical limiting behavior and induced self-diffraction patterns are also observed. To have a theoretical insight of nonlinear optical properties of 1,4-Diamino-9,10-Anthraquinone, first hyperpolarizability (β) is also evaluated by using quantum chemical calculations employing DFT method using 6-311 G basis set. The results obtained confirm the nonlinear optical behavior of 1,4-Diamino-9,10-Anthraquinone dye.