Journal of dairy science

Glomerular filtration rate in Holstein dairy cows estimated from a single blood sample using iodixanol.

PMID 23791486


The isotonic, nonionic, contrast medium iodixanol, as a test substance, was compared with the conventional glomerular filtration rate (GFR) tracer inulin to establish a simplified procedure for estimating the GFR in Holstein dairy cows. First, inulin and iodixanol were coadministered as a bolus intravenous injection to clinically healthy cows at 30 mg/kg and 10mg of I/kg of body weight, respectively, followed by blood collection for multisample strategies. Serum iodixanol and inulin concentrations were separately determined by using HPLC and colorimetry, respectively, and blood urea nitrogen and creatinine concentrations in sera were measured. In the multisample method, the GFR values estimated by iodixanol were consistent with those estimated by inulin. No effects of body weight, age, or parity on GFR estimates were noted with either protocol used. No difference was observed between the GFR values obtained from nonlactating and lactating cows, suggesting that no transfer of iodixanol to milk occurred. An equation for calculating the GFR in the single-sample method was derived from the injected dose, sampling time, serum concentration, and estimated volume of distribution based on data from the multisample method in clinically healthy cows and cows with reduced renal function. The GFR values estimated by the single-sample method were in good agreement with those calculated by using the multisample method. These results demonstrate that the single-sample method using iodixanol can be applied as an alternative procedure for screening GFR in dairy cows.