Meat science

Effect of long term dietary supplementation with plant extract on carcass characteristics meat quality and oxidative stability in pork.

PMID 23793093


The effects of dietary supplementation in pigs with plant extract (PE) from Lippia spp., titrated in verbascoside (5mg/kg feed), from weaning to slaughter (166days), on carcass characteristics, meat quality, collagen characteristics, oxidative stability and sensory attributes of Longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle were examined. Ten pigs per treatment were slaughter at a live weight of 109.5±1.4kg. No influence on carcass characteristics, LD meat quality parameters and collagen characteristics were observed. Dietary PE increased (P<0.001) α-tocopherol levels in LD muscle. Raw LD of pig fed PE showed lower (P<0.001) lipid oxidation levels than controls. A reduction (P=0.05) of fat odor and rancid flavor intensity in cooked LD muscle stored at 4°C for 24h was observed in the treated group. This study shows that PE is an effective antioxidant in pork meat, enhancing oxidative status and sensory attributes, without affecting other meat quality parameters.