PloS one

CRISPLD2 is expressed at low levels during septic shock and is associated with procalcitonin.

PMID 23799041


Previous studies have shown that cysteine-rich secretory protein containing LCCL domain 2 (CRISPLD2) is a novel lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-binding protein, and the upregulation of CRISPLD2 expression protects mice against LPS-induced lethality. The aim of this study was to examine the expression of CRISPLD2 in patients with sepsis and characterize the association of this protein with procalcitonin. The expression of CRISPLD2 was determined in 100 healthy volunteers and 119 septic patients. According to the definition of sepsis, patients were divided into three groups sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock. The relationship between CRISPLD2 levels and procalcitonin was also examined and statistically analyzed. The CRISPLD2 levels in healthy individuals were 219.3±69.1 µg/ml. Patients with sepsis exhibited higher CRISPLD2 levels than observed in healthy individuals (p = 0.001), but CRISPLD2 expression was not upregulated in patients with septic shock. No significant differences were observed between the levels of CRISPLD2 in surviving and non-surviving spesis patients. CRISPLD2 levels were negatively correlated with procalcitonin levels (r = -0.334, p<0.001). The present study is the first to demonstrate the decreased expression of CRISPLD2 in septic shock and its association with PCT in sepsis. Further studies are needed to clarify the potential association between CRISPLD2 expression and clinical outcomes to determine if it could be used as a novel sepsis biomarker.