Akusherstvo i ginekologiia

[Antibodies against phospholipids in patients with normal pregnancy].

PMID 23805453


We investigated the serum levels of IgG and IgM anticardiolipin (ACL), anti-beta-2-glycoprotein I (B2GPI), anti-phosphatidyl serine (PS), anti-prothrombin(PT), anti-annexin V (AnV) and anti-ethanolamine (Eth) antibodies using an ELISA method (Orgentec, Germany) in 16 females with normal pregnancy in the I, II and Ill trimester. We observed the following changes: 1. Elevation of the IgG u IgMACL, IgG PS, IgM Pr antibodies in the II and decreasing in the Ill trimester. 2. Decreasing of IgG u IgM B2GPI, IgG u IgM AnV, IgG Pr, IgG u IgM Eth antibodies in the II trimester, maintainante of the levels or more decreasing in the Ill trimester. 3. Increasing of lgM PS in the II and more increasing in the Ill trimester. All of these changes have no significant values (p > 0,05). In 10/16 we found extreme values of different antibodies, but all of them had normal delivery.