Akusherstvo i ginekologiia

[The use of prostaglandin F2alpha (Prostin 15M) for terminationof second trimester pregnancy].

PMID 23807981


The authors describe a case of terminating a second trimester pregnancy in 21 gestational weeks with use of Prostin 15 M. The patient come to the clinic in 21 gestational week with spontaneous rupture of the liquid amnii 72 hours ago, without any contractions and cervical dilatation. The foetus has breech presentation. From the ultrasound investment the fetal weight is measured to be around 380 grams and it has been confirmed that the liquid is less than normal. The woman refuse the use of Foley catheter. We induce the delivery with 10 E Oxytocin intravenously and with Cytotec by vaginal and per oral way (3 tablets equal to 600 micrograms) but there was no effect. There were no changes at the cervix and no contractions. Then we use 4 ampules of Prostin 15 M intramuscular through three hours and the pregnancy was successfully terminated.