Voprosy onkologii

[Effectiveness and toxicity of MOPP, ABVD, BEACOPP chemotherapy in first-diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma with a poor prognosis].

PMID 23814851


In a retrospective study during the primary mode MOPP to primary patients LH II/IVAB stages with a poor prognosis rate of CR, 5--and 10-year DFS, OS was 69%, 71% and 68%, 74% and 64%, ABVD--76%, 78%, 83% and 68%, BEACOPP-baseline--73%, 97%, 85% and 82%, respectively. When the program ran BEACOPP-baseline it was revealed higher rates of DFS compared with ABVD and MOPP. Higher OS rates were observed in the primary patients treated with BEACOPP-baseline compared with MOPP (p = 0.04). In terms of DFS and OS MOPP regimen did not differ from ABVD. Program ABVD and BEACOPP-baseline had no differences in terms of OS. The frequency of primary refractory forms of LH did not depend on the conducted regimens of PCT. Significantly less recurrences occurred during the regimen of BEACOPP-baseline compared to MOPP and ABVD. BEACOPP-baseline was accompanied by a more pronounced reversible hematologic toxicity. Against the background of the program BEACOPP-baseline, neutropenia of III-IV degree was detected in 32%, ABVD--16%, MOPP--13%.