Asian Pacific journal of tropical medicine

Effect of beta-tricalcium phosphate/poly-l-lactide composites on radial bone defects of rabbit.

PMID 23827157


To explore the effect ofβ-TCP/PLLA scaffold in repairing rabbit radial bone defects. Thirty New Zealand rabbits were divided into β-TCP /PLLA group (group A), pure PLLA group (group B) and contrast group (group C) randomly. The rabbits were sacrificed respectively after 4, 8, 12, 24 weeks and the X-ray film was performed at the same time to evaluate the repair effect in different groups. X-ray film showed there was uneven low density bone callus development in defect region after 4 weeks in group A. The defect region was filled with neonate osseous tissue completely during 12-24 weeks. X-ray score revealed that repair of bone defect results significantly better than group B and group C. The β-TCP /PLLA composite is capable of repairing radial bone bone defects. β-TCP/PLLA scaffold is significant because of rapid degradation ability, good histocompatibility and osteogenic action.