Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society

A biohybrid hydrogel for the urate-responsive release of urate oxidase.

PMID 23838153


Functional biomaterials that detect and correct pathological parameters hold high promises for biomedical application. In this study we describe a biohybrid hydrogel that detects elevated concentrations of uric acid and responds by dissolution and the release of uric acid-degrading urate oxidase. This material was synthesized by incorporating PEG-stabilized urate oxidase into a polyacrylamide hydrogel that was crosslinked by the uric acid-sensitive interaction between the uric acid transcription factor HucR and its operator hucO. We characterize the uric acid responsiveness of the material and demonstrate that it can effectively be applied to counteract flares of uric acid in a mouse model. This approach might be a first step towards a biomedical device autonomously managing uric acid burst associated to gouty arthritis and the tumor lysis syndrome.