Epidemiology and infection

Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium and Mycobacterium neoaurum detection in an immunocompromised patient.

PMID 23842543


Non-tuberculous mycobacteria are increasingly described as infectious agents in immunocompromised patients. A 17-year-old male patient suffering from secondary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and treated with chemotherapeutic agents was admitted to hospital due to pleuropneumonia. Mycobacterium neoaurum was cultured repeatedly from his sputum and, Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium (M. a. avium) was detected by IS901 qPCR from detached fragments of his intestinal mucosa. We attempted to determine the possible sources of infection by analysing environmental samples from the closed oncology unit and conventional unit in the hospital, and from the patient's home residence and places which he frequented. The environment of the patient harboured mycobacteria (41 isolates in total); however, M. neoaurum was not recovered. M. a. avium was detected by qPCR in the environmental samples from a small flock of hens kept by his neighbour. Although it was not confirmed by DNA fingerprinting methods, the M. a. avium infection could have been acquired through the eating of incompletely cooked eggs.

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