Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Resveratrol-based combinatorial strategies for cancer management.

PMID 23855473


In recent years combination chemoprevention has been increasingly appreciated and investigated as a viable and effective strategy for cancer management. A plethora of evidence suggests that a combination of agents may afford synergistic (or additive) advantage for cancer management by multiple means, such as by (1) enhancing the bio-availability of chemopreventive agents, (2) modifying different molecular targets, and (3) lowering the effective dose of agent/drug to be used for cancer management. Resveratrol has been shown to afford chemopreventive and therapeutic effects against certain cancers. Recent studies are suggesting that resveratrol may be very useful when given in combination with other agents. The two major advantages of using resveratrol in combination with other agents are synergistically or additively enhancing the efficacy against cancer and limiting the toxicity and side effects of existing therapies. However, concerted and multidisciplinary efforts are needed to identify the most optimal combinatorial strategies.