Molecular and cellular endocrinology

Effects of lysophopatidic acid on tumor necrosis factor α and interferon γ action in the bovine corpus luteum.

PMID 23856004


We examined the effects of LPA on TNFα and IFNγ - induced decrease of P4 synthesis and on the cytokine - induced apoptosis of the cultured luteal cells. In the steroidogenic luteal cells LPA reversed the inhibitory effect of TNFα and IFNγ on P4 synthesis and also inhibited the stimulatory effects of TNFα and IFNγ on the expression of Bax, TNFR1, Fas and FasL as well as caspase 3 activity. These results suggest that TNFα and IFNγ cannot induce apoptosis in the presence of LPA, which orientates the steroidogenic luteal cells towards the survival state. In conclusion our results indicate that LPA supports P4 synthesis and action in the bovine CL.