Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Microstructures and electrochemical properties of Si-Ni-xTi alloys for anode materials.

PMID 23858869


The phase change due to varying content of titanium in Si-Ni-xTi alloys and its effect on the electrochemical behavior has been investigated. Specimens were prepared by melt-spinning to reduce the microstructure scale. Results showed that silicon particles of 50-100 nm diameter and dendrites of somewhat larger scale were formed in the Si-Ni-Ti alloys ribbons. The microstructure of Si70Ni15Ti15 alloy ribbons was composed of silicon particles finely dispersed in Si7Ni4Ti4 phase. The cycle performance was improved by the formation of TiSi2 or NiSi2 phase at the presence of Si7Ni4Ti4 phase, either of which combined with Si7Ni4Ti4 phase effectively accommodated the volume change of silicon particles during cycling. The reduced scale of silicon particles contributed to the enhanced cycle efficiency as well.