Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Physical, electrochemical, and thermal properties of granulated natural graphite as anodes for Li-ion batteries.

PMID 23858938


Two different types of granulated graphites were synthesized by blending and kneading of natural graphite with pitch followed by sintering methods. The electrochemical performances of granulated graphites were investigated as anode materials for use in Li-ion batteries. The blending type granulated graphite possesses a large amount of cavities and voids, while the kneading type granulated graphite has a relatively compact microstructure, which is responsible for a high tap density. Both granulated graphites show improved the initial coulombic efficiencies as a result of decrease of surface area by the granulations. In particular, the kneading type granulated graphite exhibits an excellent rate-capability without significant capacity loss. In addition, the thermal stabilities of both granulated graphites were also improved, which could be attributed to the decrease of active surface area due to pitch coating.