Rossiiskii fiziologicheskii zhurnal imeni I.M. Sechenova

[Effect of propofol on functional response of neuronal population in cat primary visual cortex].

PMID 23862385


The impact of system anesthetic propofol on strength of functional response was investigated in population of primary visual cortex neurons. Elaborated protocol of anesthesia allowed appropriate depth of anesthesia and artifact free experimental data recording. At the start of experiment optical access to the surface of cortex was provided. Propofol was used as main general anesthetic. Control of anesthesia depth was carried out by monitoring of physiological parameters. Effect ofpropofol on functional response was evaluated by intrinsic optical imaging. Stability of neuronal response was estimated during whole experiment and after single injection ofpropofol. It was shown that extended administration ofpropofol do not have negative influence on strength of recorded neuronal signal. At the same time bolus of propofol depresses amplitude of response. Practical recommendations are suggested for conduction of longitudinal neurophysiological experiments using propofol as main anesthetic.

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