Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Antitumor efficacy of paclitaxel-loaded polylactide/ poly(ethylene glycol) nanoparticles combination with exercise in tumor-bearing mice.

PMID 23862420


The nanoparticles (NPs) provide a promising prospect for tumor therapy, and exercise is also becoming readily and accepted as a beneficial adjunct therapy to maintain or enhance quality of life in cancer patients. We investigate the antitumor efficacy of paclitaxel (PT) loaded polylactide/poly(ethylene glycol) NPs (PT-PLA/PEG NPs) under the exercise conditions. Results showed that within the first 7 days, the PT concentration in tumor maintained at a higher level in the PT-PLA/PEG NPs + exercise (PT-PLA/PEG NPs + EX) group as compared with the PT-PLA/PEG NPs group. All the phagocytosis rates of macrophages were significantly decreased below the CON in exercise group. The most significant antitumor effect was observed in PT-PLA/PEG NPs + EX group, demonstrating that the PT-PLA/PEG NPs improved the concentration of PT, and exercise could further increased its therapeutic efficiency for tumor. These researches may provide an effective means for tumor therapy.