Food chemistry

Enzymatic production of trans fatty acid free fat from partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSO)--theory, strategy and practicability.

PMID 23870912


Development of an advanced process/production technology for healthful fats constitutes a major interest of plant oil refinery industry. In this work, a strategy to produce trans fatty acid (TFA) free (or low TFA) products from partially hydrogenated soybean oil by lipase-catalysed selective hydrolysis was proposed, where a physically founded mathematic model to delineate the multi-responses of the reaction as a function of selectivity factor was defined for the first time. The practicability of this strategy was assessed with commercial trans-selective Candida antarctica lipase A (CAL-A) as a model biocatalyst based on a parameter study and fitting to the model. CAL-A was found to have a selectivity factor 4.26 and to maximally remove 73.3% of total TFAs at 46.5% hydrolysis degree.