Vestnik rentgenologii i radiologii

[Bolus contrast-enhanced multislice spiral computed tomography of the chest: new possibilities in the diagnosis of lung diseases].

PMID 23879035


To elaborate optimal programs for bolus contrast-enhanced multislice spiral computed tomography (MSCT) of the chest for different types of tomographic scanners and in some lung diseases. Contrast-enhanced MSCT findings were analyzed in 637 patients, 536 of whom presented with a focal pathological process in the lung and 101 had pulmonary emphysema. There is evidence proving the expedience of using the contrast medium iopromide that has an optimal balance between the high concentration of iodine and its excellent tolerance due to low osmolarity and low viscosity. Intravenous bolus contrast-enhancement using an automated injector can visualize chest organs in different phases of contrast enhancement, by significantly improving the quality of diagnosis and achieving 100% disease diagnosis comparable with its morphological diagnosis.