Carbohydrate polymers

A practical optimization on salt/high-methoxyl pectin interaction to design a stable formulation for Doogh.

PMID 23911460


Doogh is a traditional Iranian fermented drink. Response surface methodology-central composite design (RSM-CCD) was used to determine optimum formulation for the production of Doogh stabilized by high methoxyl pectin (HMP). The effects of HMP (0.28-0.42% wt) and salt (0.4-1.1% wt) concentrations on the stability, viscosity, volume-weighted (D₄₃) and surface-weighted (D₃₂) mean diameters and Span were investigated. Graphical response surface plots were applied to locate the optimum point. The optimum composition for stable Doogh production was found to contain (% wt) HMP 0.4 and salt 0.62. These optimum conditions yielded the stability of 96.34%, viscosity of 2.05 mPas, D₄₃ of 11.922 μm, D₃₂ of 0.966 μm and Span value of 2.140. There was no significant difference between the physical, rheological and sensory attributes of Dooghs produced under optimum conditions and commercial samples.