Carbohydrate polymers

Immobilization of pectinase on oxidized pulp fiber and its application in whitewater treatment.

PMID 23911480


Modified pulp fiber was originally used as a new type of carrier for pectinase immobilization. Pulp fiber was oxidized by sodium periodate to produce aldehyde groups for covalently binding with amino groups of pectinase. Results showed that the enzymatic activity of immobilized pectinase on pulp fiber reached 65 μgg(-1)min(-1) when immobilization pH value, temperature and time were of 7.0, 20 °C and 15 min, respectively. The immobilized pectinase showed higher thermo stability in a wider temperature range of 40-70 °C than its free type and its optimal pH shifted from 8.0 to 8.8. Furthermore, the immobilized pectinase exhibited good operational stability. When employed in whitewater treatment of papermaking industry, it still efficiently decreased the cationic demand after operating repeatedly for six batches. The results obtained demonstrate a promising route to prepare available, cheap and biodegradable carrier for immobilizing enzymes with potential application in wastewater treatment in papermaking industry.