Advances in colloid and interface science

Interactions of phenothiazine drugs with surfactants: a detailed physicochemical overview.

PMID 23933135


Phenothiazine drugs have been the subject of great interest due to their interesting aggregation properties and ability to interact with surfactants, model lipid bilayers, and biomembranes. Since these drugs show enormous pharmacological actions and deposits on the biomembranes, their pharmacological activities seem to be related to the drug-membrane interactions or to the absorbability on the membrane. Further, the mechanisms for the various biological activities of phenothiazines can be explained by exploring these drug-membrane interactions. Keeping these points in view, many researchers have investigated the interactions of these drugs with surfactants. This review describes the physicochemical aspects of the interactions between phenothiazine drugs and surfactants which have been discussed under three sections: (i) micellar and interfacial studies, (ii) spectroscopic studies, (iii) phase separation studies (CP) and (iv) miscellaneous.