Pharmaceutical research

Biocompatible glycol chitosan-coated gold nanoparticles for tumor-targeting CT imaging.

PMID 23934255


The application of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) in biomedical field was limited due to the low stability in the biological condition. Herein, to enhance stability and tumor targeting ability of AuNPs, their surface was modified with biocompatible glycol chitosan (GC) and the in vivo biodistribution of GC coated AuNPs (GC-AuNPs) were studied through computed tomography (CT). Polymer-coated gold nanoparticles were produced using GC as a reducing agent and a stabilizer. Their feasibility in biomedical application was explored through CT in tumor-bearing mice. Stability of gold nanoparticles increased in the physiological condition due to the GC coating layer on the surface. Tomographic images of tumor were successfully obtained in the tumor-xenografted animal model when the GC-AuNPs were used as a CT contrast agent. The tumor targeting property of the gold nanoparticles was due to the properties of GC because GC-AuNPs were accumulated in the tumor, while most of heparin-coated nanoparticles were found in the liver and spleen. The polymer properties on the surface played an important role in the behavior of gold nanoparticles in the biological condition and the enhanced stability and tumor targeting property of nanoparticles were inherited from GC on the surface.