PloS one

Functional interaction of SCAI with the SWI/SNF complex for transcription and tumor cell invasion.

PMID 23936361


We have recently characterized SCAI (Suppressor of Cancer Cell Invasion), a transcriptional modulator regulating cancer cell motility through suppression of MAL/SRF dependent gene transcription. We show here that SCAI is expressed in a wide range of normal human tissues and its expression is diminished in a large array of primary human breast cancer samples indicating that SCAI expression might be linked to the etiology of human cancer. To establish a functional link between SCAI and tumorigenesis we performed affinity columns to identify SCAI-interacting proteins. Our data show that SCAI interacts with the tumor suppressing SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex to promote changes in gene expression and the invasive capacities of human tumor cells. Moreover our data implicate a functional hierarchy between SCAI and BRM, since SCAI function is abrogated in the absence of BRM expression.