Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica

[Study on pharmacokinetics and in vitro/in vivo correlation of menthol in Zhike Chuanbei Pipa dropping pills in rats].

PMID 23944081


To determine the concentration of menthol in rat plasma by GC. Rats were administered with single dose of Zhike Chuanbei Pipa dropping pills (ZCPDP) and different doses of menthol herbs. DAS 3. 1.6 software was used to calculate pharmacokinetic parameters, and the accumulative absorption percentage of menthol was calculated by Loo-Riegelman method. The linear regression analysis was made in vitro/in vivo accumulative absorption percentages to detect the in vitro/in vivo correlation. The results of the study showed that the pharmacokinetics behavior of menthol in ZCPDP was in conformity with two-compartment model characteristics. The main parameters were: tmax was 10 min, t1/2beta was (183. 93 52. 75) min, CL/F was (0. 426 +/- 0. 194) L . min-1 . kg-1, all of which were no difference between ZCPDP and menthol herbs with the same dosage. There were significant differences in tmax, t1/2beta, CL/F between menthol herbs with different dosages (P <0. 05) , with indirect proportion between AUC0-infinity and dosage. The regression equation of ZCPDP's accumulative absorption percentage and accumulative release percentage was Fa = 1. 160 3Q - 19. 968, r = 0. 981 3. These results suggested that the pharmacokinetics behavior was similar between ZCPDP and menthol herbs with the same dosage in rats, with good in vitro/in vivo correlation. There were significant differences in pharmacokinetics of menthol in the range of 19.2-570 mg . kg-1.