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[Use of advances in fundamental science in the development of methods of biological dosimetry of nitric oxide (no) (literature review)].

PMID 24003708


The review of the results of fundamental physical, chemical and biological studies proposed to be used in the program for elaboration methods of biological nitric oxide (NO) dosimetry is presented. Particular attention was paid to the structures of dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNIC). The review includes subsection: target of NO in the cell; DNIC function in biology and medicine; DNIC--the largest pool of intracellular iron; EPR signal g = 2.03 - DNIC indicator, and the value of O2 in the biological activity of DNIC, quantification of nitric oxide. Experimental evidences of the advantages of using EPR spectroscopy of E. coli cells--with identification of the value and structure of DNIC signals (signal g = 2.03) as a direct method of biological NO dosimetry are presented. The strong emphasis was made on the priority of the Russian School--Professor Vanin A. F. (the discovery and study of DNIC) and Academician Aldoshin S. M. (synthesis and study of crystalline donor NO).