Urologia internationalis

Glycine 1.5% for irrigation should be abandoned.

PMID 24051511


Glycine 1.5% has long maintained a dominating role as an irrigating solution for monopolar transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), as well as for certain other transurethral procedures. This review summarizes the findings of systematic experimental and clinical studies in which glycine 1.5% for irrigation was infused/absorbed and the outcome compared to at least one other irrigating fluid, including the isotonic saline used for bipolar TURP. There were 11 studies in animals, 3 in volunteers and 6 in patients undergoing TURP. With only one exception, which is probably due to low power, these studies either show a poorer outcome after administration or absorption of glycine solution or else that glycine 2.2% is more toxic than glycine 1.5%. The poorer outcomes consisted of more tissue damage or higher mortality (animals) or more symptoms (volunteers and patients). The safety of monopolar TURP would be improved by replacing glycine 1.5% with some other electrolyte-free fluid. The author argues that glycine 1.5% should be abandoned completely.