Obstetrics and gynecology

Indomethacin therapy in the treatment of symptomatic polyhydramnios.

PMID 2405320


Eight gravidas with symptomatic polyhydramnios were managed with maternal indomethacin therapy. The mean gestational age at presentation was 28.6 +/- 3.5 weeks. Only patients requiring serial amniotic fluid decompressions for rapid amniotic fluid reaccumulation were enrolled in the study. An initial amniotic fluid decompression was performed and, when a second decompression was required, indomethacin was initiated. Amniotic fluid volume was measured with a para-amino hippuric acid dilution technique before and during indomethacin therapy. Fetal urine output, studied by serial bladder dimension ultrasonography, declined significantly during indomethacin therapy (P less than .05). Only one patient required further amniotic fluid decompression while on indomethacin. The mean (+/- SD) amniotic fluid volume was 1529 +/- 1070 mL after the initial amniocentesis, and was 2355 +/- 820 mL at the second amniocentesis just before indomethacin therapy. The mean amniotic fluid volume during indomethacin therapy was 1608 +/- 914 mL. We recommend initial amniotic fluid decompression followed by indomethacin therapy for the management of symptomatic polyhydramnios as an alternative to serial amniotic fluid decompressions.