Orvosi hetilap

[First experiences with neodymium-YAG laser treatment of tracheal and bronchial diseases].

PMID 2405333


The authors describe their first three years experiences with the Neodymium-Yag Laser in tracheobronchial diseases. The treatments were performed with the MEDI-YAG equipment constructed in Hungary. According to the indication, local and/or general anaesthesia and generally the rigid bronchoscope was used. 38 tracheal, 34 main bronchial, 5 lobar and 2 distal alterations were treated. In case of tracheobronchial malignancy 3 complete and 20 partial recoveries were registered out of 45 patients; among benign tumours 7 complete and 4 partial recoveries out of 14 patients. In tracheal stenosis cases 12 complete and 4 partial recoveries came out of 18 patients. It can be stated that the Yag Laser treatment completes the bronchologist's instrumentation. The treatment may be curative in tracheal stenosis and benign tumours and palliative in malignancy by setting free the tracheobronchial system for ventilation. It may also prepare the patient for surgery and complete the complex treatment.