Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Identification of the redox partners of ERdj5/JPDI, a PDI family member, from an animal tissue.

PMID 24055038


ERdj5 (also known as JPDI) is a member of PDI family conserved in higher eukaryotes. This protein possesses an N-terminal J domain and C-terminal four thioredoxin domains each having a redox active site motif. Despite the insights obtained at the cellular level on ERdj5, the role of this protein in vivo is still unclear. Here, we present a simple method to purify and identify the disulfide-linked complexes of this protein efficiently from a mouse tissue. By combining acid quenching and thiol-alkylation, we identified a number of potential redox partners of ERdj5 from the mouse epididymis. Further, we show that ERdj5 indeed interacted with two of the identified proteins via formation of intermolecular disulfide bond. Thus, this approach enabled us to detect and identify redox partners of a PDI family member from an animal tissue.