Orvosi hetilap

[Selenium: its antioxidant effects and issues in selenium supply].

PMID 24095910


The author first summarizes briefly the antioxidant effects attributed to selenium. Literature data on the selenium supply in Hungary are reviewed in detail, also noting some important international reports. Hungarian soils are selenium deficient and this is reflected partly in selenium content of the plants, too. Selenium supplementation has been generally applied to most livestock since the 1980s in Hungary in order to prevent diseases associated with selenium deficiency. There are little data on the selenium content of Hungarian foodstuffs; therefore, selenium content of important foodstuffs available in the European Union is reviewed in detail. Data on selenium concentrations in human plasma or serum are scarce, and the results depend substantially on the analytical methods applied. In conclusion, Hungary is a country with marginal selenium deficiency, and this may play a role in the pathogenesis and poor treatment results of several diseases.