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Proteomic analysis of cervical vaginal fluid proteins among women in recurrent preterm labor.

PMID 24102235


Proteomic analysis of four cervical-vaginal fluid (CVF) proteins to identify biomarkers of recurrent preterm birth (rPTB) in at-risk women prior to onset of preterm labor. Nested case control study from 2007 to 2011 of women with prior spontaneous preterm birth(s) (PTB) who underwent serial CVF sampling. Mass spectrometry analysis was used and ELISA analysis was performed to validate candidates. 108 patients were enrolled and 10 cases and 20 gestational age matched controls were analyzed after exclusions. Of 748 CVF proteins identified, 72 had statistically significant (p < 0.05) expression differences and 38 were highly differentially expressed (p < 0.01). Four candidate proteins were abundant and involved in immune/inflammatory response, but ELISA analysis did not confirm altered expression patterns. The lack of confirmation of potential biomarkers identified by mass spectrometry and ELISA demonstrates the challenges of validating PTB biomarkers and suggests that a panel of biomarkers would improve the predictive value of CVF testing.