Nucleic acids research

Human aldolase isozyme gene: the structure of multispecies aldolase B mRNAs.

PMID 2410860


A complete nucleotide sequence of human aldolase B mRNA was determined with a recombinant cDNA (pHABL120-3). The cDNA insert was composed of 1,652 bases excluding poly(A) tail and the sequence was consistent with the previous results reported by others. However, S1 nuclease mapping and subsequent genomic analysis allowed us to know that the clone possesses two more sites corresponding to 5'-termini in the 5'-noncoding region and another site of polyadenylation in the 3'-noncoding region. In fact, the major aldolase B mRNA species occupying 90% of the total mRNAs initiated at the predominant position corresponding to the position around -82 of the 5'-noncoding sequence in pHABL120-3 and terminated at the distal polyadenylation site. Second species accounting for 9% of the mRNAs initiated at the same site and terminated at the proximal polyadenylation site. The remainings have a longer 5'-noncoding sequence which starts from further upstream region of the major one and pHABL120-3 corresponds to one of these largest clones.

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