American journal of clinical pathology

MACC1 is related to colorectal cancer initiation and early-stage invasive growth.

PMID 24124150


To investigate metastasis associated in colon cancer 1 (MACC1) and MET expression in colorectal adenoma, Tis, early-stage invasive (T1 and T2), and advanced adenocarcinoma with liver metastasis using immunohistochemistry. Ninety-three paraffin-embedded colorectal tumor specimens were immunohistochemically analyzed for MACC1 and MET protein expression. MACC1 expression was upregulated in the transition from adenoma to Tis; its expression was further elevated during tumor progression from Tis to early invasive carcinoma. MET expression was constant from adenoma to Tis and to T1 but significantly increased as tumor progression to T2. Both MACC1 and MET expression were enhanced in advanced carcinoma with liver metastasis. Stepwise elevation of MACC1 expression in key points of colorectal cancer development suggests that MACC1 may contribute to cancer initiation and early invasive growth. High expression of both MACC1 and MET may relate to distant metastasis.